B.I show a splendid performance despite his trauma.

[A korean post from pann that is quite a hot topic. Translated most of the contents, there is too many so i only choose the important ones. People who watch SMTM will understand it.]

I just realised … 


B.I did this water splashing action in SMTM and receive lots of hate, during the mv (born hater mv) ….


He’s saying goodbye to that scene in SMTM.

After receiving such a trauma and to rise up with your weakness isn’t something easy to accomplish it. To say goodbye to your most embarrassing moment in life and to perform and stand out despite your weakness…. Your mentality is really strong.

To fans, B.I is really restricted on SMTM. (i assume because of all his responsibilities, smtm, m&m, composing, writing lyrics etc etc)

Yet you still face everything with a smile on your face so fans who sees it is able to smile. 

It’s indeed the spirit of a 19 years old boy!

During the start of SMTM, the things B.I have to do.
Choreograph for members. Write lyrics, create song. Make rap for smtm. Not only have to guide the original 6 members, He have to helped out the 3 new trainees who is unable to catch up with their usual routine, dance practices.

B.I is the leader of Team B. He have to take the role of choreographer, composition etc. After B.I is done with the choreograph, only then members start to learn it. In the midst of everything, he have to leave the company if he couldn’t do well in smtm. If the trainees is not up to standard, the blame will be put on B.I. YG kept adding on the burdens. Poor thing. How tough must it been for him. And that is the reason why he disappear during the filming of Mix & Match. During this 4 hours, he said the nearest place he could go is Han River, sitting there writing lyrics. During that period of time, did he think alot? Was he feeling depressed? Wanting to get rid of everything? Are you hurting inside? Hanbin ah TT you are still a teenager. This is not what a normal teenager should bear.


This is a B.I eating alone at Burger King in the morning around 5+am. Perhaps he felt like eating this while practicing. Felt like his condition wasn’t at its best while doing hands on hands with SMTM and M&M. YG suddenly added extra 3 new trainees. He had to do everything. He was scolded and condemned in SMTM. He had to protect the original 6 but at the same time he have to helped out the 3 new trainees. YG always says B.I is the 2nd GD, putting such pressure on him. He’s just a 19 years old boy.. And, he even said should i disappear infront of members. How tough must it be. Hearing it, my heart broke into pieces. 


During WIN, he is really such a handsome filled spirit man. Being a perfectionist, he hate making mistakes. During SMTM, thought he will be perfect but make mistakes too. Honestly, he’s really tired. But, B.I still managed to the write his most embarrassing moments into his lyrics. Those words that you said, it’s true. You aren’t 19 years old, you are 39 years old!

chi trans: xYoYoMor
eng trans: bbooyo-ral/lil6booyo


Bobby taking care of Mama Jinny

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