“Its like they’re butting in at the last minute.”
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[1:08 - 1:28] team b and winner eating at the well-known canteen in YG. 

B.I, Bobby and Jinhwan in the jungle
B.I, Bobby and Jinhwan
in the jungle


so cute ( ´艸`)

I took a video of the ending credits and was so ecstatic to see team b inside :-) 

Long FA of a chinese fan that went to Jinhwan’ mother cafe.

(photo at the bottom right was all gifts by fans)

I was at jeju island, was free in the afternoon so decided to head over to Jinhwan’s mother cafe. Took a cab there and the driver had to check the navigation. Once i reached, Jinhwan’s mother was standing at the door. Told her i’m from China and she was really really elated. She said that this cafe won’t be operating anymore. Afterwards, i ask her did she already closed the shop or was it an off day. She replied with, “from August onwards, it will stop operating”. Her mother had other jobs and due to long working hours, she doesn’t have enough time to managed it. 

She is an extremely nice person. Took out her phone and played a few team b songs. There were a few songs that i didn’t heard before. She picked a song and choose it as her favorite (i can’t remember the title). Was talking while listening and realised it’s Jinhwan’s song. Bobby was next and so on and forth. Jinhwan came back home and stayed for 2 days during Mid-Autumn Festival. Went to the beach and had fun together with her sister. There’s a lot of Jinhwan’s photos in her mother’s phone. There’s alot of selcas taken together with his sister and there were group photos, seems like it was taken during m&m. 9 boys went to somewhere and had fun together, taken with weird/funny poses.

His mother said ever since young, Jinhwan has always love singing and wanted to be a singer. During that time, his mother and sister was confused and had no idea what’s going on. After a few years when he became 10++ years old, Jinhwan said he still wants to be a singer. His family then knew this kid sincerely wants to work hard to fulfill his dream. Decided to give him a few years to do what he wants, to work towards his dream. His mother said Jinhwan was really blessed to be trainees under YG. During 1 month (? can’t remember clearly), he met Hanbin and Bobby. Very blessed very blessed (repeated many times). Triple kims was together in the very beginning and the other 3 joined afterwards. They ate together, live together, practiced together. They were really close. I said, “they are so young, having to practiced everyday, they must have slept in late”. Mother replied, “yup, they really slept at a late timing but they woke up late too *laughs* slept until 12, 1, 2 plus in the noon”.

Converse with his mother for a really long time, she is really cute. A very nice person. I took a photo with her and had a big big hug afterwards. She wish that they could debut together, this kids ate, live, practices together and their relationship is very close. Wishes that Jinhwan would learn how to write songs but don’t want to pressure and to give him stress. Show his mother a Jinhwan’s site from weibo, said this is specially made for him to show him support and she was really happy.

Chit chatted for almost 2 hours. His mother said from August onwards this cafe will stop operating. Previously there were fans that came too. Majority comes from japan. 3 girls from china came this year. Her house is currently teaching kids how to play violin. A aunty brought her daughter to learn violin. She troubled that aunty to bring me to my next destination.

The last part was spoken in korean and english. Jinhwan’s mother speak good english.

fan account cr: 赵赵赵小抱 
chi-eng: bbooyo-ral